Hydrophilic hybrid hydrogel admixture that provides superior internal and sub-surface concrete waterproofing.

Provides internal corrosion resistance and enhances the durability of the concrete.

Extends the life of concrete structures, exposed or submerged, above or below ground.

How it works

A powerful combination.

A two-part additive that reacts together once mixed in the concrete, to transform moisture in the porosity into a hydrogel. The hydrophilic hybrid-hydrogel properties stop moisture from moving through the concrete porosity, ensuring the concrete is completely waterproof internally and sub-surface.

For concrete waterproofing in infrastructure, marine environments, basements, below grade piles and foundations, CONQOR B52 is the answer.

Internal Waterproofing Admixture

Utilising well proven hydrogel technology through the concrete matrix. Independent testing proves that CONQOR B52 complies with AS1478, meaning it only enhances your concrete.

Sub-surface Waterproofing

Hydrophillic hybrid hydrogel properties provide sub-surface waterproofing to the concrete with visibly reduced water absorption. CONQOR B52 passes AS1012 VPV proving permeability reduction.

Safe And Easy To Use Admixture

Liquid admixture for easy dosing at concrete readymix plant.

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